ITALIAMERICA - Italian American Cultural Organization Honoring Families Who Emigrated to America from Southern Italy and Sicily

Stories of the Families Who Emigrated

Send us your story or the story of your family who emigrated from Southern Italy and Sicily and we will publish it here free of charge.

The story will be published in your own words. We feel that in this way each family member can express their own personal feelings and emotions. You may also send up to two photographs.

This page is only for the story of those who emigrated.

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An Italian Family Arrives at New York Circa 1901

We furnish OFFICIAL  Italian Vital Records of your ancestors and family members directly from the Registrar of Vital Statistics (Ufficio della Stato civile) in the City Office (Comune or Municipio) in Italy.

(The map of Southern Italy courtesy of: Associazione Culturale Due Sicilie)
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