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OCTOBER 24, 1913

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By Robert Bruno

Pasquale Casertano was born in Campobasso, Italy on April 10, 1897. He came to America through Ellis Island on October 24, 1913. His two brothers Giovanni and Giuseppe were already in America when he arrived in 1913. He lived in Staten Island, New York from the time he arrived from Italy to the time of his passing in 1964.

He joined the United States Army in 1918 and was honorably discharged in 1919 after WWI. He was very proud to have served in the US. Army and he was also proud to be an American citizen. I don't know when he became a citizen.

He was a member of VFW (Veterans Of Foreign Wars). He was married to my grandmother Josephine Mancini and they had six children, three boys and three girls.

He originally was classified as a laborer and eventually worked for the B&O Railroad and the Staten Island Rapid Transit Company and City of New York - Department of Marine & Aviation. He loved to garden and he had a magnificent vegetable garden in our backyard. He also made his own wine in our basement. He was also a diehard New York Yankee fan.

Unfortunately he never got the opportunity to return to Italy to see his parents and his other brothers and sisters. I returned for him . I was the first one ever in the family to return to Campobasso since he left in 1913. I am sure my grandfather is happy that I returned. I am now in touch with his nephew Rafaelle and Rafaelle's daughter Laura by e-mail.

There are many of the Casertano's still living in Campobasso