Historical State of the Family or Stato di Famiglia Storico

If you are searching for information on your Italian family, the most useful document is the stato di famiglia storico (historical state of the family), which contains both parents and children with complete birth, marriage, and death information, including also those who died or moved away. We obtain this certificate from the Ufficio di Stato civile (Office of Vital Records) of the town or city; however, these records are not complete for periods before 1911, which means that they have to be constructed, researching each birth, marriage, and death record separately.

The cost of this record is based upon the number of family names @ €50,00 each. Costs will range from €200,00 to €400,00.
A deposit of €200,00 is required.

This is the information that can be gathered from these records:
  • Full name of the head of the household
  • Full names of all members living in the same household
  • The relationship of each member to the family
  • Civil status
  • Place of birth
  • Date of birth
  • Sometimes, the number, part and series of the birth act is also indicated

Sometimes, you can find additional information such as the name of the father and the mother for each person listed and the profession as well. Moreover, there can be a section called annotazioni (notations) where events such as the death date or the migration date can also be mentioned.

Family History Records

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The cost for these records is based upon
the number of family names @ €50,00 each.
Costs will range from €200,00 to €400,00.
A deposit of €200.00 is required.

To conduct the research we require the following information:

The full name of your ancestor
The date of birth
Town in which he or she was born

Helpful information to send if available:
  • The names of the parents
  • The names of any children
Information for Family History Record
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CITY OF ROME: In order to combat fraud the City of Rome has recently added additional requirements for documents. These new requirements require that we go to the Records Building and submit your request in person. We must then wait a month and then return to pick up the document. Additionally we will have to prepare a special letter called a "Delega" signed by you giving us permission to acquire the document for you. This letter must be accompanied by your photo ID. We will prepare the letter after you have ordered and sent in your information and send it to you by email for your signature.

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PROCEDURE: We will forward the information that you send to us to the appropriate Italian office. We call the Italian Commune where the records are kept, speak to the records clerk and send a formal request by letter along with their other requirements . We follow up with additional inquiries spaced two weeks apart until we receive your document/s or a certified letter stating that there is no record for the name and dates submitted. We will not start the process if we see that there is no chance to get the certificate because the information is obviously incorrect. For example, the name of a commune that does not exist or other information we know is incorrect.
GUARANTEE: We rely on the information that you send us. In the event that the information that you have sent us is not correct, you will be provided with a certified letter from the commune stating that after a thorough search there was no record found for the name and dates submitted.