Date of Arrival
Mario - 1957
Giuseppina - 1959

Age on Arrival

Marital Status

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By: Tony Di Matteo


Mario Di Matteo and Guiseppina Padrevita married at Buonalbergo, Benevento, Italy on 25th September 1952. Giovanni Michele (John) Di Matteo was born in Buonalbergo on 30th June 1953. Mario came to Adelaide, Australia in 1957 to see what it was like and intended to return to Italy. After 2 years Giuseppina realised that Mario did not intend to go back, so she organised Johns' and her own fare and arrived in Melbourne and came by train to Adelaide, Australia in 1959, to be reunited with her husband.They lived at 100 Beulah Rd, Norwood for about 12 years with two other families from Buonalbergo, Mr & Mrs DiBellonia and their two daughters and a single man called Vince Treppiedi who went to school with dad back in Italy.They then bought a block of land at 281 Glynburn Rd St Morris and built the family home in 1962 and have lived there ever since. The other three children, Donato, Antonio and Angela, were born in Adelaide, Australia. Mario's sons, John, Donato & Antonio are the only males from the Di Matteo side due to Mario s brother Donato having three daughters. The name will continue on for many more generations in Adelaide with Michael and Andre being born to John and Matthew being born to Don.

Mario Di Matteo diagnosed with throat & lung cancer on 17th July 1996. On 21st July 1996 doctor said that dad had 12 to 18 months to live. Dad began radiotherapy immediately and quickly lost weight due to nausea and not being able to hold his food down. Things did not look good. Celebrated his 66th birthday & Fathers Day on the 1st September. Dad not very well that day. Dad did not complain once. Dad went into St Andrews Hospital on 16th September, doctors took xrays and on 17th September said he had 48 hours to live. Dad had a very aggressive decimated cancer, it had spread throughout his body. Father Pat Woods was called on Thursday at 2.00pm and he arrived at 2.45pm. He did his blessings and dad passed away on Thursday 19th September 1996 at 2.50 pm, only eight weeks after diagnosis. All his family was present. Will be forever remembered and missed.

ABOUT THE WRITER: Hi my name is Tony Di Matteo, it is 2006, I live in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia married to Sonja, and have 2 beautiful girls,Isabella (6) and Sophia (4). This is the story of my mum and dad who migrated to Australia alone with no father, mother, brothers or sisters.

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