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July 5, 1906

Age on Arrival

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By: John Pescatore


After two years of research we have been able to clarify who the soldier is in an old family photo which hung on a wall at my wife's late father's home. The photo resides with us now and had been long covered in family mystery. With the help of the internet and The Honorable William J. Pascrell, Jr Member, United States House of Representatives we have uncovered a great deal of information on this unidentified soldier. He is Joseph Lorino, my wife's uncle (her fathers brother).

He was born Guiseppe Lorino on November 10, 1889 on the Island of Salina off the cost of Sicily. At the age of 17 he immigrated to the United States on July 5th, 1906, traveling on the ship Konig Albert from Naples Italy to Ellis Island and then on to Passaic New Jersey. He left behind on the Island his Father Salvatore, Mother Marina and his Brother Giovanni (my wife's father) age 19 and Sisters Caterian age 16 and Benedetta age 12. Joseph was coming to America to live with his brother Gaetano age 34 and his Sisters Nunziata age 30 and Natalina age 28 at 178 Main Ave. Passaic New Jersey. His Brother Antonino age 25 resided in San Francisco.

On November 1, 1917 Joseph inlisted into the United States Army and reinlisted March 30, 1918 assigned out of Camp Dix New Jersey Co B 312 Infantry Regiment, 78th Infantry Division.

It was on April 1st, 1918, while at Camp Dix, New Jersey, Joseph signed to have $6.80 per month premium taken out of his military pay for a $10,000 life Insurance Policy.

According to a letter dating 1919, stating eye witness accounts, Joseph was wounded at Talma Farm two miles outside of, Grandpre, France, and died of his wounds Oct. 22, 1918. Just 20 day before the wars end on Novenber 11th. He now rests in Plot A Row 01 Grave 40 Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery, Romagne, France.

Because of his life insurance coverage his Mother and Father received $57.50 US per month plus $15.00 US per month each in survivors benefits. The checks being sent to the Island. It is this money that sustained the family for many years, who's official status was listed as peasants.

Savatore Lorino, Joseph's Father passed away on July 8, 1935 at the age of 78. Marina Lorino, Joseph's Mother passed away on April 1st 1944 at the age 81.

In 1953 Joseph's Brother Giovanni Lorino and six of his children, including my wife, immigrated to the United States.He left behind on the Island of Salina one daughter Marina, named for her Grandmother and one son Salvatore,Named for his Grandfather who immigrated to Australia.

Ironically,although Joseph Lorino was killed in action he received no medals or citations. An attempt was made to rectify this. The Department of the Army confirmed that he qualifies for and is entitled to "The Purple Heart and The World War Victory Medal with Silver Closter". However, they only can be requested by his next of kin (Mother, Father, Wife or Children). Since he was never married and his parents are deceased, no citations can be awarded by our government.


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