Father - Grandfather - Great Grandfather: Your paternal grandfather was born in your native country, your paternal great grandfather was an Italian citizen at the time of his birth, and neither you nor your father nor your grandfather ever renounced your right to Italian citizenship. If citizenship is acquired by birth in your country and you meet all these conditions, you qualify for Italian citizenship jure sanguinis. You must obtain certified copies of the following documents:

Your paternal great grandfather's birth certificate from Italy
Your paternal great grandmother's birth certificate
Your great grandparents' marriage certificate (If married outside of Italy, you will need an apostille and a translation into Italian.)
Your paternal great grandfather's certificate of naturalization OR statement of "No Records"
Your paternal grandfather's birth certificate (with apostille and translation)
Your paternal grandmother's birth certificate
Your grandparents' marriage certificate (with apostille and translation)
Your father's birth certificate (with apostille and translation)
Your mother's birth certificate
Your parents' marriage certificate (with apostille and translation)
Your birth certificate (with apostille and translation)
Your marriage certificate, if applicable (with apostille and translation)
Your spouse's birth certificate, if applicable
Birth certificates for all your children under the age of eighteen, if applicable (with apostille and translation)
Any applicable divorce decrees/certificates (with apostille and translation)
Death certificates for anyone listed above (with apostille and translation, if for your father, grandfather or great grandfather)

All Certificates: must be new “CERTIFIED COPIES” a.k.a. “LONG FORM” or “FULL FORM” (not “certification” or “abstract”). Said certificates should be obtained at the State Vital Statistics Office in which the birth/marriage/death took place.

If your great grandfather became a naturalized citizen before your grandfather's birth, you are not entitled to Italian citizenship jure sanguinis unless you fit into another category.

Non Italian Birth / Marriage / Death records related to the Italian side must bear an "apostille" (according to Hague Convention of Dec. 5, 1961) except for the Certificate of Naturalization and/or similar documentation.

Certificates in other languages than Italian, must be
translated into Italian. The only document which does not need to be translated and does not need an "Apostille" is the U.S. Certificate of Naturalization or any the statement releasing information on the naturalization status of the interested party.

Additional Requirements All Categories

If you are qualified you can order the necessary Italian documents by clicking on a link below.

Italian Birth Certificate
Italian Marriage Certificate
Italian Death Certificate

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