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JUNE 30, 1905

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By Bette Scavone

Born in Pignola, Italy on January 30, 1888 to Rocco and Rosa (Paciello) Scavone, Michele Scavone had a desire to come to America. He was the youngest of six children. He sailed from Naples, Italy on the S.S. Madonna at the age of 16 and arrived through Ellis Island on June 30, 1905.

Saverio Scavone, Michele's oldest brother, was already living at 2342 Pacific Street in Brooklyn, New York. Immigrants upon arriving in America had to have someone who would be responsible for them and Saverio and his wife Mariantonia (Autunnale) were listed as his destination on the Madonna's Manifest. Three other family members lived in New York, but it is not known whether they were in New York in 1905. Those siblings were Maria Luigia, Giuseppe, and Francesco Paolo Scavone.

In 1907 Michele went back to Pignola, Italy to marry Mariantonia Albano on March 23, 1907. Verification of their marriage is documented in the Town Hall of Pignola as well as La Chiesa Madre. In July of 1907 this newly married couple set sail from Naples, Italy for America. The Città di Milano arrived at Ellis Island on July 14, 1907. This time Michele and his new bride lived with his brother, Francesco Paolo, and his wife until Michele was able to build a house at 140 Sapphire Street for himself and his children.

Michele supported his family with his fruit and vegetable business. He had an established route and drove his horse and wagon daily to sell his produce to established customers. Mariantonia worked hard raising her ten children, being sure they were all well fed from their garden that flourished about their home on Sapphire Street. She was very knowledgeable in the fact that education was important in America so all the children attended school at least through the 8th grade. Although Italian was spoken at home, the children spoke only the English language, but they could understand their parent's Italian.

The children of Michele and Mariantonia Scavone are listed here in order of their birth. Rose, Sam, Frank, Theresa, Mary, Rocco C., Tony, Josephine, Matilda, and their last born Natale.

Michele Scavone in the 1950?s. Photo taken by his son, Nat


(Left) 1905 photo of Michele Scavone, age 16, when he came to America as a single person. At this time he lived with his brother, Saverio Scavone, and his wife, Mariantonia Autunnale. In 1907 he returned to Pignola, Italy to marry Mariantonia Albano on March 23, 1907. They boarded the SS Citta di Milano in July 1907 for their journey to America arriving at Ellis Island on July 14, 1907. Thus begins the story of Michele Scavone.

(Right) 1919 photo shows Michele and Mariantonio Scavone in front of the house he built at 140 Sapphire Street, Brooklyn, New York. That house is still standing!

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