Italian Marriage Certificate - Estratto dell'Atto di Matrimonio

We furnish official certified Italian marriage certificates directly from the Registrar of Vital Statistics in the City Office in Italy.

These are official, certified documents that meet the requirements for Italian Dual Citizenship.

We have offices in Firenze & Roma, Italy.

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Extra Certificates are €50,00 each. If you want extra certificates make a notation in the "additional information" form. We will bill you later for the extra certificate/s

Marriage Certificates are are  €130.00
which includes priority postage & all fees.

Required information:
  • The full names at birth of both parties
  • Their birth dates
  • The municipality (town) of the marriage
  • The date of the marriage
Helpful information to send if available:
  • The groom's place of birth
  • The bride's place of birth

Please provide the following information:
Required information - Optional
The full name at birth of the groom:
His date of birth:
His place of birth
The full name at birth of the bride:
Her date of birth:
Her place of birth
The place and date of the marriage:
Your name:
Your E-mail address:
Your phone number

Address to send the Marriage Certificate to:
Additional information or comments:

CITIES of ROMA, MILANO and FIRENZE: In order to combat fraud the Cities of Roma, Milano and Firenze have recently added additional requirements for documents. These new requirements require that we go to the Municipal Building and submit your request. We must then wait a month and then return to pick up the certificate. Additionally we will have to prepare a special letter called a "Delega" signed by you giving us permission to acquire the document for you. This letter must be accompanied by your photo ID. We will prepare the letter after you have ordered and sent in your information and send it to you by email for your signature.

Due to the additional time required (2 trips to the Municipality and standing in long lines) to get certificates from Roma, Milano and Firenze the fee for Roma, Milano and Firenze will be €175,00. When you order just pay the €125,00 per document and we will bill you the additional €50,00

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PROCEDURE: We will forward the information that you send to us to the appropriate Italian office. We call the Italian Commune where the records are kept, speak to the records clerk and send a formal request by letter along with their other requirements . We follow up with additional inquiries spaced two weeks apart until we receive your document/s or a certified letter stating that there is no record for the name and dates submitted. We will not start the process if we see that there is no chance to get the certificate because the information is obviously incorrect. For example, the name of a commune that does not exist or other information we know is incorrect.
GUARANTEE: We rely on the information that you send us. In the event that the information that you have sent us is not correct, you will be provided with a certified letter from the commune stating that after a thorough search there was no record found for the name and dates submitted.