We are proud to present the work of ZARADE an exceptionally talented Italian American artist and poet.
Artist, Graphic Designer, Custom Creations of any kind including fabric paintings, Award-winning Artist in New Jersey. Born & raised in Sicily,  Zarade brings with her the culture and the flavor of the old World.

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Boy chases girl on "bridge of sighs"

(Left)  "Double Arch"  Oil painting of a castle in Sicily  (Right)  African Legend

(Left) "Tribute to the 911 Heros" (Right) "Trinacria"

Fine purveyors of exquisite hand-painted apparel, Middle-Eastern and fantasy motifs.
Come in, and browse through our new selection of Leotards and Vests. All of our unique wearables are inspired by
Italian Renaissance motifs, and Middle-Eastern ancient motifs

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Dark Angel Love
Dark Angel, Black Angel, come pour some darkness on me.
Let black wings be my cocoon, let black wings rock me a while to sleep.
Amnesiac let my new name be.
Come open my gates, let the pretty horses run free.
My armor too heavy, my fisherman's net,
too much too long to drag thru the sea.

A circle of rocks will protect us, my magic new lover and me,
while we sleep under the roots of an orange tree.
Unseen, we'll wake and we'll laugh
thru the leaves with the wind,
we'll bask in our secret love,
our forbidden fruit will be right in the sun.
We'll run thru earthholes like earthdevils do,
we'll be giant earthworms that shake the earth
and great Ogers' castles too.

I open my door and let the storm in.
Dark Angel, Black Angel, come dance,
come pour your darkness on me.

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