Date of Arrival

April 12, 1910
December 22, 1911

Age on Arrival

PAOLO 22 years
NAZZARENA 21 years
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By: Therese Consiglio Fibraio


Nazzarena Pellitteri was born in 1892 in Sicily. Her father was Salvatore Pellitteri. She came to the United States from San Giovanni Gemini, Sicily on April 29, 1907 and stayed with her brother Franicesco at 311 Newark Avenue in Jersey City. Then, she returned to Sicily where she married Paolo Consiglio from Cammarata, Sicily.

Paolo Consiglio was born on January 6, 1888. His father was Andrea and his mother was Pasqua. On April 12, 1910, Paolo entered Ellis Island by way of the Duca D. Asota. He traveled with Vincenzo Valsalona and went to his brother in law's, Nicolo Varsalona's, house at 293 Newark Avenue in Jersey City. (Nicolo was married to Nazzarena's sister.) Paolo was 22 years old and 5 feet 5 inches tall. On December 22, 1911, Nazzarena joined her husband by way of the Princess Irene. At this time Nazzarena was 21 years old and traveled with her 2 year old son Andrea Consiglio. They began their life in America at 293 Newark Avenue in Jersey City, New Jersey. Paolo was a plasterer.

Then, Paolo sent for his younger sister Maria Consiglio (born:August 15, 1887). She entered the United States by way of Konig Albert on March 22, 1912 to stay with her brother, Paolo, at 325 3rd Street in Jersey City. On March 15, 1915, Maria married Emanuelle Mistretta and Paolo was their witness.

Paolo also sent for another sister. Her name was Concetta and she arrived on the Princess Irene on December 18, 1913. At this time the family was living at 311 Newark Avenue in Jersey City, New Jersey. Concetta married Mr. Di Franza.

During the early part of the 1900's, Paolo and his wife Nazzrena, Maria and her husband Emanuelle Mistretta, Concetta and her husband, and the Pellitteri and Varsalona families who were already living in Jersey City, worked hard, had children and enjoyed living the American dream.

Paolo and Nazzarena had 8 children: Andrea (Andrew), Salvatore, Frank, Lena, Joseph, Carmine (Dom), Peter, and Vincenzo (Jimmy). Nazzarena passed away in 1942 and is buried at North Arlington Cemetary, New Jersey. Her youngest son, Vincenzo, my father, was only 15 years old at the time of his mother's death. Four of Paolo's sons served in World War 2. Joseph and Peter served in the Army and Carmine and Vincenzo served in the Navy.

Paolo and his family moved into the Greenville section of Jersey City where he owned two buildings on Ocean Avenue. His son Joseph opened a Dry Cleaning business in one of the buildings which grew until the business used the bottom floor of the two buildings. Andrew, Peter, and my father Vincenzo joined their father and became plasterers. Frank was a barber and Salvatore worked for GM making cars. They were all hard working, family men.

I will always remember visiting Grandpa Consiglio on Sunday and holidays when the family would get together. On Mother's Day we would all go to the cemetery to visit and leave flowers for my Grandmother. Although she had died long before I was born, I felt that I knew her from the stories my dad would tell me about her. The family would rent a hall to celebrate Grandpa's birthday and the whole family would get together. The Consiglio family all lived in Jersey City in the Greenville section, and we were always visiting one another and Grandpa. The family was close and those are wonderful childhood memories.

The late 1960's brought changes because the family was moving away from Jersey City into the suburbs. Then, in 1969 we received wonderful news that Grandpa's sister, the nun, the person who I was named after, would be visiting America! The family enjoyed many days of getting together while Suor Teresa was visiting. I got to meet my Great-aunts Maria and Concetta and some of their families. What a wonderful time for our family!

Paolo lived to see 18 grandchildren and many great-grandchildren before he passed away on October 1, 1973. He was laid to rest with his wife, Nazzarena at North Arlington Cemetary.

Today, out of those 8 children, only one, Carmine, is still alive and he is in his 80's. But the grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren of Paolo and Nazzarena Consiglio are all living the American dream. We have them to thank for that. We are so proud of them. I hope they are proud of us!

Left: Nazzarena Pellitteri & Paolo Consiglio
Right: The wedding of Vincenzo Consiglio to Irene Nemeth (my parents)

Top: Carmine (Dom), Frank, Andrea (Andrew), Peter, Joseph, Salvatore,
Bottom: Lena, Irene, Vincenzo, Paolo, and one of Paolo's granddaughter (not sure).

My parents were married in Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Jersey City (same as Frank Sinartra, in fact my grandfather worked with Nancy's brothers as they were all plasterers and sometimes Frank worked with them before he made it big. Also, my Uncle Sal ran dances and Frank sang at the dances.

Now that is a piece of history that you don't read in books.!