Date of Arrival
November 20, 1907

Age on Arrival
16 years

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By: Lisa DiPietro Johnson

My grandfather, Carmine DiPietro, emigrated to this country in November of 1907. He was 16 years old.

He first settled in Clairton, (near Pittsburgh) Pennsylvania to work in the coal mines. He was small in stature and found the coal mines to be backbreaking work for him. He knew there was a better way! He eventually settled in Cleveland, Ohio, where he worked as a millwright and a welder.

He enlisted in the Army in July,1918, and served six months at Camp Jackson in Columbia, South Carolina, where he became a naturalized citizen.

In 1920, he wished to be married so he sent for his friend's sister who was living in Italy. He had only seen a picture of her and married her within four weeks of her arrival. They began a family and within six years had four children: Carmella, Gene(my dad), Terselia, and Corinne.

My grandmother, Giulia, operated the family business which was a restaurant/bar/gas station/apartment building on property that they had purchased on Route 20 in Wickliffe, Ohio. The building, though remodeled extensively, still stands today.

Carmine died in 1959 of stomach cancer and Giulia died in 1962 of artherosclerosis.

In 2004, some of the granddaughters began researching Carmine and Giulia's journeys to this country and documentation pertaining to the young family. We presented these items in scrapbook form to their only surviving child Terselia (Aunt Dolly) on her 80th birthday in October, 2004.

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