Albano di Lucania
Marisco Nuovo


Date of Arrival
Giovanni: 1902
Teresa: 1904

Age on Arrival
Giovanni: 23 years
Teresa: 14 years

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By: Joe Albano

Just before Christmas in 1901, Giovanni Albano from Albano di Lucania (a small town near Potenza in the region of Basilicata), left home with little more than what he wore and a small "valigia" with a shirt and some food for is trip. He boarded the ship Nord America and, after a rough winter crossing arrived at Ellis Island on Jan 30th 1902 as "passenger #26". After leaving Ellis Island, Giovanni went to live with the family of cousin who lived near Mulberry Street in Manhattan. Two years later on May 16th, Teresa Votta, age 14 arrived On the ship Germania, at the same docks on Ellis Island with the Conabucci family with whom she made the trip. When Teresa was 16, she married Giovanni and began raising a family. During the great Influenza, Teresa lost two babies to the disease and ultimately gave birth to Salvadore, Dominic, Michael, Joseph, Rose, and Carmen.

They moved to a small town south of Albany New York and there raised their family. Giovanni worked on the railroad,in a brick yard and at anything he could do to support his family. As soon as the boys were old enough, they too worked to help support the family. Joseph, my father, still living in Florida, was taken out of school in the 8th grade and went to work the same brick yard as his father. Teresa stayed at home and cared for the family. The legacy of the branch of the Albano family, starting with Giovanni, is nothing less than awesome by today's standards, but is typical of what all Italians have given this great nation. From a pauper immigrant Giovanni went on the build or buy a block of stores and appts in Ravena. Salvadore became a well know Judge, Dominic's son became a noted Orthopedic Surgeon, Carmen was a salvage diver during WWII, Joseph became a yard forman for the NY Central Railroad and later a Master Roofer and tin smith. Of Joseph's sons, Paul entered the Marine Corps and died fighing in Vietnam, Bob, also a Marine, became a regional director for IBM, Richard is the director of special education in Mass. Micheal retired from the Marine Corps after 30 years of service as a full "bird" Colonel and works for the defense industry. As for me, "Giusep" jr. I served 10 years in the navy and after being retired from injuries in Vietnam, worked for Eastman Kodak for 25 years, most of it as Director of Operations for the Latin American division.

You will be hard pressed to find one other nationality that has given so much of it's lives, blood, traditions and values to make this country what it is today. My children and grandchildren know the story well for we tell it at least once a year when we gather like my parents and grandparents did with us.

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