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By: Victoria De Biase


The Fallacara's came to the US in 1926. There were four sons and a daughter: Francis, Anthony, Joseph, Thomas and Michelina. The father was Michele. My great grand mother's maiden name was Vittoria Bramantino, which is a name dating from the 1500's. Bramantino was one of the early Renaissaince artists, creating the dome for the cathedral in Florence. The Fallacara's have an artistic legacy. Victoria and Gloria are artists. My uncle Anthony is an artist as well as my great-grand father, who made inlaid furniture using mother of pearl in Bitonto, Italy.

Michele Fallacara was a soldier in the Italian army during World War I. He also was a sailor when he was 12 years old. He had travelled to Greece. He had come to America with my grandmother,Vittoria, but she did not like it here and wanted to go back to Italy. While here she had a miscarriage and the baby has been preserved for medical display in one of the medical schools in New York, apparentely for some significant birth defect. She later died in childbirth when my mother was 7 years old. Micheal remarried and brought the family back to America in 1926.

His mother, Michelina Chuisoli Fallacarar has a sister, Concetta. She married Count Tulla. The only bit of information told was that after the wedding he never allowed her to leave the castle. That is all I know about her. The couple weren't able to have children so asked to raise Thomas. He was treated like a princess but missed his family. When he first went to live with them he said, "I am not going to see you all any more?" Everntually he came to live with his family in America.

The family settled in Brooklyn, New York where Micheal sold produce from a truck then later opened a fish and produce market on Wilson Avenue in the Ridgewood section of Brooklyn.

My other great grandfather is known for inventing a type of laundry soap made from olive oil in Mariotto, Italy. He became very wealthy.

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