Date of Arrival
December 1, 1905

Age on Arrival
53 years

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By: Debbie (Sperino) Griffin

My great grandmother, ROSALIA (Giambrone) Sperandeo came to America as the widow of GIUSEPPE Sperandeo aboard the ship "Sicilia" on 1Dec1905. She came from her home in Lascari with two of her sons, GIOVANNI age 15 and GIUSEPPE age 13. Some of her other children had already come to this country. Her daughter, GIOVANNINA age 22 came here with her husband & son, Giuseppe Bonanno age 28 and Sebastiano Bonanno age 1, on 25Mar1899 aboard the ship "Archimede". Then came her sons SALVATORE age 25 & STEFANO age 17 on 31Aug1899 aboard the "Sempione". Her son ANGELO age 15 comes with his brother-in-law, Cosimo DiMaria age 23 on 10Mar1904 aboard the "Konigen Luisa".

After Rosalia's arrival she settled in Collinville, Illinois and lived with son Salvatore and then Angelo. Her daughter, MARIA age 21 arrives in this country with her 10 month old son Giacomo DiMaria on 6 Oct 1906 aboard "Italia". The last of her sons, MICHELE age 16 is the only one of the family not to come into this country through Ellis Island. He arrived on 24Apr1910 aboard the "Lazio" into Boston, Mass. Rosalia's daughter, Santa is the last of her children to come to this country. SANTA Sperandeo, arrives as the widow of Francesco Fatta and she brings with her their 5 children: Santa age 13, Vincenzo age 11, Rosalia age 8, Giovanna age 7 and Giuseppa age 1. They all arrive on 13 May1921 aboard the "Minnekahda". So, nine of the ten children of Giuseppe Sperandeo and Rosalia Giambrone have come to America. Their oldest son Agostino remained in Lascari.

These families settled in St. Louis, Missouri and in Collinsville, initially. Now comes an interesting twist to my family's story. Name changes, and there are several. When Salvatore & Stefano entered into this country their names became Sam & Steve SPERINO. Giovannina died tragically in a fall before 1910, her husband Giuseppe Bonanno drops from the scene and their son, Sebastiano is raised by Rosalia and her daughter, Santa. For another reason, yet to be discovered his name is to be that of his mother Sperandeo, not Bonanno. He is also called Antonio and not Sebastiano. And in another twist of fate, a clerical error in the military changes his last name to SPERANEO.

Angelo Sperandeo, after living for some time in Collinsville, Illinois decides to move north to Mattoon, Illinois. Just before his move there he becomes Angelo SPRINO. Another change in the name came when Domenico came to this country. He is the son of Salvatore (Sam Sperino) my grandfather. When Salvatore came to his country he left a wife, Rosaria Taormino and a son Domenico in Lascari. Rosaria did not want to leave. So on 3 Sep1920 aboard the "Giuseppe Verdi" Domenico Sperandeo age 21 arrives here with his wife, Rosa Stornello age 22 and their children: Giuseppe age 2 and Rosaria age 2 months. Domenico lived in Chicago as Domenico SPERANDIO.

Many cousins have come to this country and most of them have settled in the Chicago area, in and around Melrose Park. Just recently I learned that some of them also had a name change at some point and are now know as SPERANDO.

Rosalia (Giambrone) Sperandeo died in 1931 and is buried in St. Louis, MO. She was intrumental in bringing a wonderful family into this world and into this country.

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