Date of Arrival
May 31, 1902

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By: Anthony Dahl

Pasquale Gallé left his wife Caterina Bertucci and daughter Rosa in 1902 and set off to America. He sailed on the Citta di Milano arrivng at Ellis Island on May 31, 1902. He began working for the railroad which took him to Chicago, IL. As he continued to work for the Railroad, he ended up in a small little town called Mineral Point, WI. While there he was offered a full-time job with the New Jersey Zinc Works, which had a company in Mineral Point. With the opportunity of full-time work and a chance to settle down, he accepted the job working in the hot furnaces for the zinc works. His job was to feed the furnaces which, of course, was a hot and dirty job. For three years he worked and saved enough money to bring my grandmoter, Caterina Bertucci Gallé and their daughter Rosa to America. After my grandmother and aunt arrived, my grandfather saved more money and they bought a nice house with about 30 acres of land so that he could have a little farm as well as work at the zinc works. The farm, of course, provided the food for the children as well.

My grandmother and grandfather had 17 more children, 15 of which surrived. I was lucky to grow up in that small town with the southern section of town being called Little Italy because after my granfather arrived, many other Italians (mostly relatives) came and settled there. At one time there were more than 100 Italians living in this small town. We grew up with the Italain Culture that my mother, Pascalena Gallé Dahl, taught us. It was a wonderful childhood. We spoke the Calabrian Dialect and kept the Italian Culture alive.

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